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  1. Clean lifting and hoisting
    Discover the benefits of a cleanroom crane

    Every cleanroom has its specific requirements. You can choose from a wide range of solutions and possibilities to meet these requirements, and subsequently turn them into business benefits.

    Think of improving workplace comfort with ergonomic lifting solutions to helping prevent micro-bacterial growth. Especially the latter is essential for cleanrooms, since contamination forms a challenge to many industries. Your controlled environment should be hygienic and clean. It is in the name, after all. Hence, we offer multiple solutions and high-quality cranes that contribute to your sterile manufacturing process by minimizing the contamination risk of your cleanroom. Simply put: a high-quality crane leaves behind a limited number of contaminants.

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    Ergonomic lifting
    Contamination control
    Sterile manufacturing


    More information

    Interested in a cleanroom crane? Our experts would love to advise you on lifting and hoisting equipment, preferably during the earliest stages of cleanroom construction. That’s when we can guarantee the most efficient placement, delivery and use.


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