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All about our cranes

As the market leader we have acquired considerable expertise and established an excellent reputation in the field of cleanroom hoisting design. Each item of hoisting equipment is unique and can be delivered with a diversity of specific options.

Every crane that we supply is custom made. We offer a wide range of possibilities. From a lifting capacity ranging from 50 kg to 20 metric tons, from one to several cranes, anything is possible. Our A-quality cranes are non-contaminating, leave no particulate matter, are accurate, silent and fit seamlessly in a cleanroom environment. In addition, all our cranes carry international quality labels. In purchasing our products, you will improve your handling efficiency while making the workplace a more productive and safer environment. Equipment combined with a service contract guarantees 24/7 support for your equipment.

Quality labels

Our products have the highest quality level as possible. We work with acknowledged companies to get accreditation for this. All of our cleanroom cranes and equipment meet the required specifications worldwide. If a special certification is requested we are the first to maintain it. This helps demonstrate to the rest of the world that quality and testability are not simply empty slogans at Mennens.

Certifications (company):

- EKH Erkende keurbedrijven hijs- en heftechniek
- VCA Veiligheids Certificering Aannemers
- NEN-EN ISO :9001: 2015 
- NEN-EN ISO: 14001: 2015

Certifications (crane):
- Korean Certification for safety
- UL-field certification (US)
- Japanese approval
- Taiwanese approval

EC Standards:
- EN14492-2
- EN 60204-1
- ISO 2766
- ISO 14644-1
- ISO 14001