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Overhead cranes

Overhead Cranes designed for clean and controlled environments

Overhead cranes always cover a very specific area within a controlled environment. They function as a means of transport for goods that need to be moved horizontally from A to B, but can also be used to just lower and lift certain products.


Overhead cranes are particularly useful if you have to move heavy and bulky materials frequently. On top of that, overhead cranes are equipped with precision controls, making stacking and piling of goods more precise and efficient.



Which overhead crane should you choose?

That depends entirely on your demands and the product you work with. Request more information and take us along in the process. We provide tailor-made advice without obligations.


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A single girder overhead crane

A single girder EOT crane has just one main girder. The crane can move lightweight materials or applications from one place to another very quickly. A single girder overhead crane is often one of the most affordable hoisting and lifting solutions. And it can be used for a variety of purposes.


A double girder overhead crane

A double girder crane – or double girder EOT crane – is usually installed in a very large and long cleanroom. Its name, double girder, is derived from its construction. The crane consists of two long and heavy beams – a double beam bridge – that make it possible to lift more weight and move it across a large space.


A double girder EOT crane (or Electronic Overhead Traveling crane) is always operated electrically, hence its name.


Small overhead crane

A small overhead crane is perfectly suited as a short inbuild crane for maintenance activities or other light and flexible applications.