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    EUROCHAIN VR® INOX Electric chain hoist up to max 3,200 kg

    This stainless steel lifting chain has a WLL between 63 to 3,200 kg and 3m. A dual speed lifting system with a new lifting nut concept with intermediate teeth, leads to a perfect chain drive. It has a safety electric end of run for up and down position. This chain is perfectly applicable in controlled environments of the food, pharma or medical industry.


    • WLL max. 3,200 kg
    • Stainless steel lifting chain
    • Torque limiter
    • Disk lifting brake.
    • 3 m standard lifting height
    • Dual-speed lifting
    • Safety electric end of run for up and down position
    • IP55 lifting and travelling motor
    • Thermal protection on lifting motor
    • Tropic-proof protection (lifting and steering – 90 to 95 %)
    • Disconnectable command cable
    • 2-buttons unit on fixed hoist or push steering carriage
    • 4-buttons unit on hoist coupled to electric steering carriage

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      The after-sales department of Cleanroom Cranes provides reliable service worldwide.

      • Delivery of all required spare parts for both preventative and corrective maintenance.
      • Development of a suitable maintenance & inspection program according the local and international regulations.
      • Development of a proper maintenance & inspection program including the stock of operational spare-parts will prevent unexpected downtime of the crane.
      • Personal training on product usage.