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Why cleanroom cranes are essential to the food industry

Do you work in the food industry? Then you know that food safety is more important than ever before. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 420.000 people died due to food related issues in 2015 alone. The solution? Cleanrooms with extremely hygienic cranes that minimize the formation of microorganisms.


A cleanroom, otherwise known as a controlled environment, is designed to limit contamination during production. In other words: to help minimize the number of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi, and parasites). You can see why it is especially vital for the food industry that ingredients and end products are not contaminated during the production process.


Hygienic cranes

This is where extremely hygienic cranes come in. Since they are designed for cleanrooms, they also minimize the formation of microorganisms. How? By leaving very few particles behind. Cleanroom cranes have functional and hygienic designs that are free of cracks, crevices, and hollow spaces – places where microorganisms usually grow.


Various possibilities

Every controlled environment is different. And there are many different lifting and hoisting solutions for the food industry. So what design should you choose? We recommend a custom-made hygienic crane for your cleanroom, since your equipment also needs to comply with the industry standards and requirements. Keep in mind that these are not universal. Depending on your location or the type of food that is being produced, different requirements may apply.


Stay up to date

It’s therefore important to keep an eye out on the developments in the food industry. A lot has changed and improved over the past years. Because of disease outbreaks, the entire food chain has been forced to step up its hygienic game. With great results! In addition, digitization is rapidly leaving its mark on the food industry. Smart digital applications and other electrical components are used to create a more transparent, more sustainable, and safer food system.


More information

Want to know more about how to pick the best solution for your cleanroom crane? Or are you curious about the latest developments in the food industry? Then read our whitepaper that is specifically geared towards the food industry: ‘How to ensure hygienic food processing equipment’.