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My role as Workshop Coordinator at Mennens: tackle it and get on with it!

By: Mark Van Der Aa, Workshop Coordinator 


At the moment we are looking for enthusiastic Machine Builders at Cleanroom Cranes. As a Machine Builder, you will assemble the most advanced cleanroom cranes for our customers at home and abroad. Does this sound like an amazing challenge and will you enrich our team someday soon? Then we will meet regularly. I would be happy to tell you more about it.


As a Machine Builder, your daily work life will take place in our bright, modern, and clean workshop in Eindhoven. Previously in his blog, colleague Tjerk Ermen wrote more about the specific activities and about our team.


Meticulous and clean cranes
As a Machine Builder, you build cleanroom cranes for clean (production) environments. The cranes are used, for example, for cleanrooms in the semiconductor industry, healthcare, and aerospace. The cranes must comply with strict requirements, laws and regulations and - depending on the industry and cleanroom - are very meticulous and minimally contaminating.


Workshop coordinator
During the production of these cranes, it is important that everything runs smoothly in our workshop. And that is where I come in. In 2021 I started as a workshop coordinator. Before that, I was a workshop employee. At the time, I chose Cleanroom Cranes because the overall picture was right for me. It's all about specialist technology. And the fact that we are also active in the high-tech sector really appeals to me.


Clean cranes, clean working process
As workshop coordinator, I supervise the ins and outs of the workshop. Because as clean as the cranes are, as clean we want to work. For example, with a new cleanroom crane, I show the Machine Builders the process from A to Z. So that the assembly is as streamlined as possible. I am responsible for ensuring that all items are ready on time and in the right place. And where necessary, I help build the cranes.


Contact with suppliers
In this role, I also have a lot of contact with suppliers. For example, about the delivery of required equipment. It is important that we know exactly when what will be delivered. I then plan this and make sure that everything is properly registered upon arrival.


Preparing products for shipment
Preparing the products for shipment is also an important part of my job. For this, I work closely with our warehouse employee Twan. I make sure that everything is labeled properly and that everything is ready for transport in time.


Getting on with it and working together as a team
This is my job in a nutshell. I like the fact that this role is so comprehensive and that you can really get on with it. That gives me energy. No day is the same and the atmosphere in our team is good. For example, I think it’s cool when we can determine together how we can best build a crane so that this benefits both the process and the end result.


Are you my new colleague?
Would you like to work on highly advanced cleanroom cranes for our (international) customers? Discover our vacancies and apply. We would like to meet you.

About Mark Van Der Aa
Mark Van Der Aa has been enriching Cleanroom Cranes as Workshop Coordinator since 2021. Here he makes sure that everything in the workshop runs smoothly. From the delivery of the equipment by suppliers, the assembly of the cleanroom cranes by our Machine Builders to the transport of the cranes. Mark oversees the entire process and makes sure it happens.