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Mennens introduces Fall Protection Bridge for clean rooms

Mennens has developed a unique fall protection bridge especially designed for the use in clean rooms. Their first product has been installed at ASML.

The fall protection bridge is a special equipment to provide safe working on height in a clean room for up to two workers per bridge. It is possible to install two bridges in the same track to increase the number of simultaneous workers up to four. Workers can attach themselves to a Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) which has a totally enclosed brake mechanism, so non-contaminating. These SRL's are made of aluminium with a clean room compatible powder coating. All external components like wire and karabiner are made of stainless steel thus producing as little as possible contamination.

The fall protection bridge is designed in such a way that total span of the complete clean room is within reach.

The product can be installed in existing clean rooms or can be integrated in the design of new clean rooms. To prevent contamination during installation, the product is completely prepacked. Special drilling equipment with waste collectors is used for installation of the device. A special trainings module about the possibilities of the device is  part of the product and service contract.

Information of this new product can be obtained via