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Benjamin Franklin and the unstoppable semiconductor

In his 1789 speech on the US Constitution, Benjamin Franklin said there are only two sure things in life: death and taxes. But we have entered a new era, and it seems one more thing can be added to the mix: an ever-increasing demand for semiconductors. Two of the world’s leading chip manufacturers certainly agree. US giant Intel[1] and Taiwan’s TMSC[2] and investing EUR20b and EUR85b respectively over the next few years.


If you’re involved in this vast manufacturing supply chain, are you positioned to take advantage of this growth? To stand out from the crowd? Find out how Cleanroom Cranes is helping manufacturers in this ultra-sophisticated industry.


The word ‘ubiquitous’ was made for semiconductors

The only way to describe the modern use of semiconductors (SC) is ubiquitous – present, appearing or found everywhere. Yet while their main component, silicon or Si, is the second-most common element on earth after oxygen, demand is vastly outstripping supply. There are various reasons. Covid and disrupted supply chains, errors in stock management, and quite simply the fact that if you want to interest a sixteen-year-old in anything these days, it had better contain a chip.


The key reason, however, is quite simply that manufacturing SCs is, to be blunt, damn tricky. In some cases, manufacturing a single semiconductor on its silicon wafer can take months. And ironically, as we hear in the news regularly these days, the high-tech part of the SC, the integrated circuit, requires some of the world’s rarest materials and the most refined manufacturing conditions. 


Unique manufacturing conditions need unique solutions

And there’s the crunch. To put something as complicated as an SC together, you need equally sophisticated manufacturing. Clean rooms and ultra-sensitive robotics working on a nano-level spring to mind immediately. But even the workhorses – the devices doing the ‘heavy lifting’ – need to be of the highest quality and reliability.


This is where Cleanroom Cranes comes in.


We know the SC industry. And we can help you create the manufacturing process you need

Cleanroom Cranes has been producing ultra-clean lifting and hoisting solutions for the SC industry for years. As part of the Mennens Group, we anticipated global developments, and made it one of our key areas of expertise.


We understand the challenge of setting up a cleanroom. And the level of detail and reliability you need. Once in place, our precision cranes help you to assemble and build the machines you need to manufacture your SCs. We have dedicated ourselves to this sector and our cranes are approved by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI in Germany.  


Off-the-shelf? Not in this industry…

Cleanroom cranes are not ‘off the shelf’. Experience shows that this does not work. Each of our cranes is designed specifically for your situation. We tailor the configuration, construction, and design of your crane to your (intended) cleanroom during the earliest stages of (re)design. In the long run, this saves you time, money, and space. And most importantly, our experience in this complex industry will help keep you and your processes future-proof.


Next steps?

Get in touch! We love this industry and look forward to discussing your needs. You can call us on +31162383800 or send a mail to We will be in touch swiftly.