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Discover Cleanroom Cranes

Who we are

We are your cleanroom crane specialist. A team of dedicated, solution oriented, and tech savvy professionals. We help you find the best cleanroom crane for your cleanroom.

At Cleanroom Cranes we continuously aim to design, produce, distribute, and install high quality lifting and hoisting solutions. Every cleanroom requires a customized lifting and hoisting solution. That’s why we carefully match your cleanroom needs to smart clean and technical lifting and hoisting solutions. And make sure that they always meet international standards.



Our number 1 advice: don’t make your cleanroom crane wait

You are looking for a cleanroom crane. But where do you start? Our advice: consult one of our experts. Together, we possess years of cleanroom crane experience.

Take a cleanroom crane into consideration during the earliest stages of designing and constructing your cleanroom. A cleanroom crane requires an construction that supports its high weight lifting capacity and simultaneously safeguards high levels of cleanliness. Keeping a cleanroom crane in mind during the design phase will therefore save time, money, and space.

Mission, core values and vision

We believe that systematic application engineering leads to outstanding quality cranes. Our commitment to continuous product development contributes to outstanding technical and clean developments within the cleanroom industry.

Cleanroom Cranes envisions to be a viable and visionary and advisory company for all types of cleanroom projects.

  1. Superb quality mentality

    Superb quality mentality

    Quality components, non contaminating, silent products, accuracy, efficiency, and experience.

  1. Partnership


    Sharing knowledge, innovation, service, flexibility and tailor-made solutions.

  1. Taking care

    Taking care

    Reliability, total-concept, safe, service and expertise.

  1. Globally oriented

    Globally oriented

    Worldwide experience, local partners.

Where we come from

With more than 100 years' of experience, Mennens is market leader in the field of steel-cable, hoisting and lifting technology the Netherlands and Belgium. Mennens’ activities cover the complete hoisting and lifting spectrum: supply, assembly, inspection and certification, repair and renovation, information and training.

Since 1998, Mennens has also been specialized in cleanroom cranes. These cranes are used in environments with an air cleanliness class of 04/05, according to ISO 14644-1. Working intensively with our clients, we at Mennens are in the perfect position to provide the best advice possible on new resources and new technologies. We always do this with the same tried and trusted quality and service.