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Increase cleanroom crane longevity, reduce maintenance costs

Consult our aftersales department

  1. The Cleanroom Cranes aftersales department continuously strives to provide worldwide service long after crane delivery and instalment.


    Together with our worldwide partners, we assist our clients in setting up a customized and well-suited maintenance and inspection program that is in line with local and international regulations.


    Why aftersales?

    Our aftersales service reduces the possibility of crane malfunctioning and an unplanned production process shutdown. How? Because maintenance is proactive instead of reactive. This will ultimately save time and reduce costs. In addition, well-maintained cleanroom cranes secure a safe working environment for mechanics and other employees.


    Why is this service executed by Cleanroom Cranes?

    Cleanroom crane maintenance is best carried out by our own aftersales team or one of our partners. That’s because all our cranes are custom-built. We built the crane, and therefore know every detail and its type of construction best.


    What does it include?

    The aftersales service offered by Cleanroom Cranes consists of a customized maintenance and inspection program. In general, it includes:

    • Scheduled maintenance according the maintenance & inspection program
    • A 24/7 emergency callout within 4 hours, performed by our local partner
    • An emergency callout by Cleanroom Cranes within 72 hours
    • Remote support during business hours by local partner or Mennens
    • Stock and delivery of all required spare parts for both preventative and corrective maintenance
    • Personal training on product usage

    In addition, our aftersales department manages cleanroom crane modifications, upgrades and decommissioning. And provides a suitable, technical solution for every question.


    Want to know more?


    Request more information about our aftersales program here

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