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About us

As a specialist in cleanroom cranes we act worldwide. Together with our partners in America and Asia we are involved in the design, production, distribution and installation of cleanroom cranes. Every crane that we supply is custom made.We offer a total solution. Our products are manufactured in our dedicated factory in Eindhoven by highly skilled professionals. Installation is done by our own team of experienced engineers who have completed projects all over the world. A dedicated service team is 24/7 available.


Experience is one thing, expertise is another. By working together with the largest companies in the clean room business and dedicated universities we keep up to speed with new innovations. We invest heavily in the training of our employees with our own internal training programs and regularly individual training courses.



At Mennens, we have a belief that systematic application engineering produces outstanding quality. We are committed to continuous product development in the clean room hoisting business sector. Learning from our past experiences, we adapt and innovate to apply our products on a global scale. Mennens envisions being seen as a prominent, successful, viable and visionary company for all types of projects in the clean room sector.


The world is changing and we foresee growing usage of clean room cranes due to expanding technology nodes. Heavier process tools and components will increase the need for safe hoisting solutions. By continuously investing in knowledge, personnel and innovation; we become a valued partner with expertise in the use of cranes in a clean room environment.

Core values

Our core values form our working foundations. We always act in a way that conforms our core values.

  1. Superb quality mentality

    Superb quality mentality

    Quality components, non contaminating, silent products, accuracy, efficiency, and experience.

  1. Partnership


    Sharing knowledge, innovation, service, flexibility and tailor-made solutions.

  1. Taking care

    Taking care

    Reliability, total-concept, safe, service and expertise.

  1. Globally oriented

    Globally oriented

    Worldwide experience, local partners.