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Cleanroom hoisting solutions for controlled environments

We help you finding the best solution for your hoisting demand within controlled environments with state of the art hoisting equipment.

  1. Latest news

    • 18-12-2020

      Why is a correct surface treatment so important for your cleanroom crane?

      Surface treatment: the material and coating of your cranes. Do you need stainless steel or painted steel? If you choose the former, many different treatments are possible. From blasting to polishing to powder coating. Choosing the right treatment can have so many benefits. Curious as to what these are? Then read on.
    • 14-12-2020

      Precise lifting in cleanrooms: Here’s how

      One or multiple cranes. A lifting capacity of fifty kilos or well over twenty tons. Powered electrical or manual. The possibilities are endless, but our cranes all have one thing in common: they lift your product precisely. Want to know how? Then read on.
    • 30-11-2020

      Which material should you select for your cleanroom crane?

      Choosing the right material for your crane can be tricky. No cleanroom is the same. And regulations differ per sector and country. What works the best for your company? And what is a cost efficient and hygienic choice? Read on to find out.
  • Semi Conductor

    Semi Conductor

    Years of successful world-wide projects have qualified us as a global leader in providing manufacturing solutions for the semiconductor industry.
  • High Tech

    High tech

    The high tech industry requires lifting solutions for a wide range of components they need to handle.
  • Food


    We offer flexible and attractive hoisting solutions in this market including wash down features.
  • Food


    Especially for the medical industry we supply hoists that meet the hygienic requirements for this sector.
  • Pharma


    Our hoisting products adapt well to this market due to similar demands for controlled environments and low particle migration into the atmosphere.
  • Aerospace


    Our expertise in designing total solutions can assist you with your aerospace lifting applications.